Jul 9, 2015

:: Road to Bali::

Assalamualaikum and Hello.

I have to attend another conference in Bali which has been held on 28th May 2015. It was my first time in Bali and I am expecting a fantastic view for honeymoon in Bali. But it was true that Bali has a very nice scenery and a lot of attractive places to be visited. My husband and I stayed there for 6 days.

In Bali, it's quite easy to get the transport. I rent a car with tourist guide for 3 days. One day it cost only 350idr. I did survey several tourist guide but this is the cheapest. Most of other tourist guide will offer 500idr to 600idr. Pak Isme only serve the Muslim tourist especially from Malaysia. If you wanted to rent a car at Bali, do contact him. This is the cheapest price at a very good service. Our tourist guide, named Roy. He's very friendly and polite. He has brought us to the several tourism places in Bali. This is the list of places that we visited:

-Barong dance
-Ubud area
-rice terrace
-bali coffee processing
-tanah lot
-pendawa beach

This is the tourist guide contact number:
Pak Isme Tours
You can simply whatsapp him. He will promptly reply you.
Let the pictures tell you more about Bali.

 One of the place that you should visit is to see the Barongan Dance. This is the traditional dance from Bali. The show is 1 hour and the entrance fee is 100idr.

 We have the chances to visit hard rock cafe Bali. It was just nearby our hotel. We bought t-shirt and fridge magnet for souvenir.

  In Bali, we stayed at Radha Bali Hotel. It cost like RM150 per night.

We had so much fun dinner at Jimbaran Bay Seafood, I even having two times dinner here. Just to taste the lobster. It cost 300idr for the food package with fish, shrimp, losbster and drinks. 

Shopping time! It was a shopping paradise because the price is so cheap. You can get the fridge magnet for only 50 cent.This Krishna shop open 24 hours. So no worries, you will have enough time to shop.

Next, we went to Tanah Lot Temple and coffee plantations. You should try kopi luwak which we can only get it in Indonesia. The temple view was so nice. It was located near to the beach, so we can see sunset from the temple.

This is a few of participant who join the ISTIE conference. That was me presenting my paper on precursor emotion of driver by using EEG signals.

I just fall in love with Bali because of the places and people there. They are very friendly.



  1. Jeles pulak sy tengok pic akak, hehe, untung nyaa dapat jalan jalan, seronok tak Bali ? Sy teringin nak ke sana, tp tix flight Bali selalu nya mahal :'(

    1. iyliana..kalau air asia murah kot..akak pegi naik mas aritu..dua org rm2300..agak mahal jugaklah..kalau ada rezeki pergilah..memang best..tak rugi pegi..:) sure enjoy!

  2. WAAA best nye gi bali... boleh buat rujukan ni kalau nak pi sana ni...

    1. In shaa Allah boleh je semut senyum..mesti senyum2 pegi bali..hihihi

  3. alhamdulillah .. saya pn di beri peluang untuk bercuti di bali tahun lepas.. memang bes kat sna cuma xberapa ngam dengan makanan dia ja .. yang lain semua ok... :) lama tak singgah sini... salam ramadhan

    1. Lieya, tq sudi lagi singgah kat blog sy..masa kat bali sy try makan ayam lunak..sedap giler..sebab dengan tulang2 sekali boleh makan..tender sgt..yg lain makan kat conference tu..oklah makan dia..lebih kurang makanan kita jugak..

  4. Waa besnye akk bercuti kt bali. Sye blum ksmptn lg nk pg. In Shaa Allah one day kan :)

  5. Bestnyaaaaa cuti ke bali.. Jeles siss hehehe


Thanks for your comments. May Allah bless you.:)

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