Jul 9, 2015

::Road to Spain (Barcelona)::

Assalamualaikum and Hello.

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

My second part travelling to Spain. Next destination is Barcelona. After staying at Madrid for 6 days, my husband and I then travelling to Barcelona. We stayed 5 days at Barcelona. We went there by bus and it took 8 hours to reach Barcelona from Madrid. The bus stopped at Zaragoza to pick up other passengers and change driver. There are several alternatives to go to Barcelona, either by train or flight but we choose bus because it is much easier and cheaper than others. 

We stayed at NH Barcelona Stadium Hotel. As referred to the name, yes the hotel is located near to Camp Nou Stadium (Barcelona Football Club Stadium). My husband is the fanatic fan of FCB and that is why we choose to stay here. We can reach the stadium by walking. So the first place that we visited was Camp Nou Stadium. It cost 23 euro per entry. Same as Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, they also showing the trophies in Camp Nou but not as much as in Madrid. From my experience, estadio santiago bernabeu tour is much better than camp nou tour.

Next, we went to Plaza De Catalunya. It was the center of Barcelona city. We could get the Barcelona City Tour Hop On Hop Off Buses to round the city of Barcelona. It cost 27 euro but we can use the ticket for the whole day. It end until 7.00pm.



 And last but not least the shopping time. We could buy so much souvenir at Barcelona since we have bought so many souvenir at Madrid. Enough for our family members. hihihi..:) The price is not much different from Madrid but in Madrid we have more choices for the souvenirs compared to here in Las Ramblas, Barcelona.

Travel to Spain, make us realize how small is ringgit (MYR) compared to euro. We have spent more than 20k for this tour but it was a great experience and unforgettable memory. Wish to travel to some other country next time. In shaa Allah.



  1. Syokknyaaaa ke oversea tu.. Huhu

    1. hehehe...bestlah jugak wan sbb pergi jalan negara org..:)


Thanks for your comments. May Allah bless you.:)

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