Jul 6, 2015

::Ramadhan Kareem::

Assalamualaikum and hello.

19 Ramadhan 1436H. Ramadhan mubarak.

Ramadhan this year is full of bless. If last year, I just celebrate ramadhan with my husband at our rent house but this year I have my family together. Tarawikh together at Masjid Al-Tarmizi and Surau Al-Husna. Sometimes I did tarawikh with my husband. Then, Reciting al-quran together with my husband. I just love the activity I have during Ramadhan this year. I'll for sure miss ramadhan. 11 days left. I still feel like it was yesterday we start fasting.

Usually, I did not prepare for the food for breaking fast because my MIL will bring the dish from Masjid. I adore my MIL so much. How she deal with her full activity everyday. How she get the energy to attend tadarus from 8am until 12.00pm, then helping the qariah masjid to cook for breaking fast. Only at 5pm, she'll be home. But she get the food for free. So that's why I dont have to cook.:)

Sometimes, I really want to join her activity but i don't have that strength to stay the whole day in Masjid. Maybe one fine day I'll join her.

That's all story about my Ramadhan. Hope you could share yours too.



  1. Smoga kita dpt bertemu ramadhan pd tahun akan datang.. Aminn


Thanks for your comments. May Allah bless you.:)

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