Jul 6, 2015

::Come back::

Assalamualaikum and Hello.

It's been a while after i've deleted my all postings. I have a long break from blogging. Only today, I've decided to start blogging again. It just to share about my simple life as wife and student at the same time. I would like to take this chances to wish  Ramadhan Mubarak to all muslims. May this Ramadhan kareem would be blessed by Allah S.W.T.

Just a few updates about me. I'm in the third year of my PhD study and about to finish soon. In shaa Allah. I'm currently busy with data analysis and data collection. Since i'm staying at KL, so I have to commute from KL-JB to finish my data collection.
Frankly speaking, it's so tiring and I don't really like to do my work at the lab in JB for a several reason. I prefer to do my work in UIA, the working environment and the people there are different. Hehehe. I just love to be in UIA.

I have to face all this challenge in order to finish my PhD. I just can't wait to end this PhD. I'm even counting the days but of course I have to do more work. Please pray for me. May Allah ease the journey of my PhD study. I hope I could finish it within this six months.

That's all my few updates. Till we meet again.



Thanks for your comments. May Allah bless you.:)

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