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Assalamualaikum and Hello.

This page is mainly to introduce a lil bit about me. (m  not promoting myself, it just a simple sharing).

  • Certificate in IT (IIUM Matriculation Centre, Pj)
  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering), IIUM, Gombak
  • Master Degree in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), IIUM, Gombak
  • Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering , UTM, Skudai.

Why ChickenFloss? 
ChickenFloss(not as stated in my IC). 
I was a Chicken Floss Bun lover previously and even now but it's not as crazy as before. I started blogging since 2009 but I was a silent reader and 'syok sendiri' during that time.

Why blogging?
At 1st I was hoping that I can improve my writing skills through blogging. Indeed i did some improvement. But somehow, I found blogging is actually a medium to share anything which is good for myself who can express my feeling and get some extra reading through blog walking  Differences between us (blogger) has make blogging world more exciting. So by reading other blogger's story, it has helped me to learn and capture so many thing about life regardless of their background. I guess those are the two main reasons that makes me love blogging. 

My passions?
Writing. Drawing. Poem. Islam. 

Surfing i'net. Listen to the music. Playing with Tam & Puteh. Reading (tgk mood). Cooking & Baking. Watching TV & Movies.  (Sampai abes siaran tapi sekarang siaran x pernah abes kan?). Love to watch cartoon.(sometimes I was even more eager to watch the cartoon compared to kid.) Tah for me cartoon's life is just amazing and lot of fun at same time.

What can I offer from my blog?
Nothing. Yes it's nothing. It just a simple story from me as a student, Muslims and wife. I share from heart, try to touch and perhaps it may heal people's soul. In shaa Allah.

InshaAllah will update from time to time. Million thanks for visiting my blog and giving comments to my entry. You have made my day. InshaAllah will visit you back and strengthen the ukhuwah. Wassalam.



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