Jul 6, 2015

::Road to Spain (Madrid)::

Assalamualaikum and Hello.

I've been travelling to Spain last few month. Actually i went there for attending a conference on education. But two in one. Honeymoon and conference. Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me the opportunity to reach Spain. I went there on March 2015. So the weather is still cold, about 11 Celsius during day and 2 Celsius at night. My husband and i have surveyed the places that we wanted to go. So it will be easy. Thank god that we print all the address since it's difficult to communicate with the driver taxi. They are not speaking english. So by showing them the address they will understand. In spain, we just take taxi as our main transport. we don't have strength to try the metro since it consist many line which we may get confused and misguided.

We were first visit Madrid before heading to Barcelona. Let me show you several pictures when we were at Madrid.

In front of the hotel that we have stayed for 6 days. My husband called the hotel for booking two weeks before. They served a very a good service. No deposit for booking. Just through phone and they emailed us the details promptly.NH PASEO DE LA HABANA. Actually this is one of the hotel under NH hotel group. So there's a lot of hotel provided by this group. Easy pixy. The price is also affordable. We have surveyed the nearest hotel to the conference venue which at Melia Castilla hotel, a five star hotel. So NH PASEO DE LA HABANA is the nearest with the cheapest price.

This is at the centro cultural islamico de madrid. We can pray here coz there is a mosque and also having a halal food. Al-zaharah restaurant. They served the Moroccan food. It was my first time having moroccan food, it dont suit my taste. hihihi. 

Here we go! Real Madrid Stadium. Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. One of the must visit place in madrid. The ticket for tour is 19 euro. Worth it! cause you may experience the great tour since they are showing all the trophies they have achieved.

Shopping time!!This is the heaven place to shopping souvenir. Plaza Mayor. You should visit this place to find all fridge magnet, keychain, calendar, t-shirt and many mores. The fridge magnet and the keychain is quite expensive. It is about 3.90 euro which equal to RM16.50 each.

One of the must visit place is bull fighting venue named plaza de toros. But I don't have chances to watch the game since the game is held on end of March. But we can experience the tour inside the plaza. 

Conference time. The name of this conference is International Technology Education and development conference. Since my phd study is more on education so I've sent the paper to this conference. It was a good experience, presenting in front all of researcher from all over the world. A bit nervous at first but manage to handle it till the end. I wish I could present more in any other international conference.

My new friend, Iman from Oman. It was a great pleasure to know her. She is very kind. Wish you best of luck for your PhD Iman. Oh yah, we had dinner at this restaurant, named Al-Fanus restaurant. The food served is from turkey and it taste good. The price is a bit expensive but with a large quantity.BTW, it's not easy to find halal food in Madrid but since we already surveyed the place so it's easy for us. But the place is quite far from one to another.

Thats a lil bit story on my tour to spain: Madrid. Will share with you, my experience in Barcelona.



  1. masyaALlah bestnye berpeluang melihat negara orang..alhmdulillah

    1. Alhamdulillah aienna..kalau diberi peluang nak visit lagi spain..:) tapi kene make sure simpanan cukup dulu..hihihi..

  2. Seronoknya jalan jalan Spain :)

    1. Seronok iyliana..tengok negara org..tu yg seronok..:) hihihi

  3. Syokk!! Mesti best dapat tngok stadium real madrid dgn cuaca yg sejukl..


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